'Divorce his ass': This mom's rant about lazy dads went viral

This mom has a simple solution for all the stressed, burnt-out women who slave away while their "Johnny Do Nothing" husbands nap on the couch.

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We all know that being a parent is difficult, but the workload for moms tends to be A LOT heavier than a dad’s. Obviously there’s the work of gestating and birthing and feeding a baby, but then there’s soothing a crying toddler, packing lunches and having a full-time job and making dinner and changing diapers and picking up toys (tired yet?) and doing laundry and keeping the house clean and dealing with teachers and much much more. Of course moms are EXHAUSTED. Meanwhile, dads are taking out the garbage and sitting down to nap on the couch. UGH.

man and woman facing each other A dad’s confession about household choresThis is clearly an oversimplification and not all dads are like this, but such a big imbalance within a partnership is super common. Some researchers have even found that being a mom is the same as working two and half full-time jobs—that’s 98 hours a week! One mom got super real about how unfair this is in a viral Facebook rant, offering her blunt solution: “Divorce his ass.”

Yup, Zawn Villines urges her fellow moms to stop complaining about their partners in mom groups and actually do something about it. If your husband isn’t pulling his weight around the house, she says you should “Tell that jackass to get off the golf course, get his ass home, get up in the middle of the night with the baby, and start earning the right to stay married.” Whoa. Check out her full post below:

Now, obviously it’s a bit more complicated than she makes it seem. Divorce can be messy and comes with a host of difficulties. (Go ask your single parent friends.) And just because a marriage is unequal in its sharing of household responsibilities doesn’t mean there’s a lack of love there. Plus, we really can’t ignore the not-so-subtle humble brag about her own spouse being SO amazing. *eye roll*

With all that said, her message is empowering, and we totally agree that men need to step up their game in a big way (without needing their wives to hand them a to-do list. Emotional labour, much?). We as a culture should no longer blindly accept this kind of misogynistic arrangement as “just the way things are” and try to think about the way they could be. We’re just not sure that divorce should be the first step—that’s more of a last resort kind of thing, isn’t it?

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